The International Nova Roman Rally 2003 is the second meeting of Nova Romans in Europe. In 2003 the organizing Provincia is Provincia Italia. The event have been organized by the Cohors Aediles Senior Curule Aedile Franciscus Apulus Caesar in collaboration with the Consular Cohors Senior Consul Caeso Fabius Quintilianus.
1st - 3rd August 2003 - Bologna (Italy)

Look the movie about the Rally
by Marcus Iulius Perusianus
(mpeg 5,7 Mb)

Legatus Marcus Iulius Perusianus, Aelius Solaris Marullinus, Lucius Iulius Sulla and Curule Aedile Franciscus Apulus Caesar in toga.

Minucius Iovinus, the Consul Caeso fabius Quintilianus, Emilia Curia Finnica, Caius Curius Saturninus and Quaestor Gnaeus Octavius Noricus watch the demonstrations of Praetoria Bononiensa in Villa Leona

The soldiers, affiliated to Federation Ars Dimicandi, are preparing to fight. They are experimental archeoligists and each action is historically correct.

The soldier attacks the enemy in this demonstration. As you can see, the scutum is a attack weapon too.

The soldiers are preparing to train. Some of them created a local military group, the Praetoria Bononiensa.

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