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Codex Juris Novae Romae


Lex Cornelia de Privatis Rebus 
About the definition and use of confidential, private, sensitive and personal informations of the cives by the magistrates of Nova Roma.

Lex Vedia de Civitatis Petitionibus Inter Suffragia 
About the requests of citizenship coming during a comitial proceeding.

Lex Vedia de Assidui et Capiti Censi 
About the classification between tax payers and non-taxpayers and their respective status.

Implicitly abrogated by the Lex Apula de Assiduis et Capite Censis

Lex Cornelia et Maria de Civitate Eiuranda 
About resignation of citizenship and its consequences.

Lex Cornelia et Maria de Mutandis Nominibus 
About adding, altering or substituing any portion of a civis' Roman name
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