CJNR de gentibus et familiis

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Codex Juris Novae Romae


Lex Iunia Cornelia de Patrumfamiliae Matrumfamiliaeque Aetate 
About the minimum age required in order to create a new Gens

Lex Cornelia de Tabulis Gentium Novaroanarum Agendis 
About the registration of Gentes and Paterfamiliae and Materfamiliae with the Office of Censors.

Lex Labiena de Praetoribus Agendis in Loco Parentium 
About the conditions to be met for the Praetores to act in loco parentis.

Lex Equitia Familiaris 
About the civil status of citizens, familiƦ, marriage, and everything pertaining citizen's rights and life within Nova Roma.
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