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The Primary Function of Nova Roma is set here in the Preamble of the Nova Roman Constitution:

"The primary function of Nova Roma shall be to promote the study and practice of pagan Roman civilization, defined as the period from the founding of the City of Rome in 753 BCE to the removal of the altar of Victory from the Senate in 394 CE and encompassing such fields as religion, culture, politics, art, literature, language, and philosophy."

The Secondary Function of Nova Roma is set by the Senate, here at section VIII.A.i

"The promotion and maintenance of the independence of Nova Roma free from external competitive influences, so defined by the Senate, which may or may not be inimical to Nova Roma and/or its Senate, that if not so promoted and maintained might otherwise lead to prolonged periods of internal civil discord and strife, the occasioning of periods of internal tumult, and ultimately lead to states of internal conflict within Nova Roma that are commonly internally described as periods of "civil war", which in turn would lead to a reduction in the good governance of Nova Roma, and thereby severely imperil and/or curtail the ability of Nova Roma to achieve its primary function."
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