Senatus consultum ultimum on Senate rules

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I. This Senatus consultum ultimum is issued by the Senate under the authority granted to it under section V.E of the Constitution of Nova Roma and under the constitutional authority of the Senate as the supreme policy-making authority for Nova Roma.

II. In respect of any deviations from the terms, conditions, and requirements of the SENATUS CONSULTUM DE RATIONE SENATUS MMDCCLXV that concern the conduct of any Formal meeting of the Senate in session during the period since November 16th 2015, any such deviations are remitted

III. Any such instances of deviations shall be treated as though they had complied with the terms, conditions, and requirements of the SENATUS CONSULTUM DE RATIONE SENATUS MMDCCLXV.

IV. Upon enactment of this Senatus consultum ultimum:

A. The only lawful method of subsequently superseding, amending or repealing this Senatus consultum ultimum must be by way of a Senatus consultum ultimum, that must achieve an extraordinary majority before it can be enacted. Any other method or attempt shall be illegal and forbidden. The Princeps senatus may at his/her discretion replace the requirement above for an extraordinary majority with a requirement for a special majority, or a simple majority.

B. No other Senatus consultum ultimum shall be enacted where the proposed content of which conflicts, negates, overrides, limits or otherwise affects in a negative manner the contents and/or purposes of all or any part of this Senatus consultum ultimum, whether directly or indirectly other than by the method at specified at section IV.A of this Senatus consultum ultimum.

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