Senatus consultum ultimum on presiding magistrate and other officials for election 2771 A.U.C.

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I. This Senatus consultum ultimum is issued by the Senate under the authority granted to it under section V.E of the Constitution of Nova Roma and under the constitutional authority of the Senate as the supreme policy-making authority for Nova Roma.

II. The following are overridden for the purposes of the elections to be held in 2771 A.U.C:

A. Lex Cornelia de vigintisexviris

B. Lex Cornelia Iunia de definitione intervallorum magistratuum

C. Section IV Lex Salicia de prorogatione et cumulatione

III. The following electoral positions are established as offices of the Senate with number of incumbents in parenthesis

A. Comitia presiding officer (1) - presides over comitia centuriata, comitia populi tributa and comitia plebis tributa

B. Candidate validation officers (2)

C. Vote checker and counter (1)

IV. The following senators and citizens are nominated to the following offices:

A. Comitia presiding officer: Titus Iulius Sabinus

B. Candidate validation officers

1. Lucius Cornelius Sulla Felix
2. Gnaeus Iulius Caesar

C. Vote checker and counter: Publius Ullerius Stephanus Venator

V. These appointments shall only take effect by authority of a subsequent Senatus consultum that sets:

A. The date for the elections for 2771 A.U.C.

B. The date when the incumbents in these positions are formally and automatically appointed.

C. Any requirement to facilitate any legal case in a comitia can also utilize any or all of the aforementioned positions and their incumbents. At the cessation of such a legal case the incumbents will lose their status as officials under this Senatus consultum ultimum until they are re-activated and reappointed by a further Senatus consultum.

VI. All the incumbents shall be required as officials of Nova Roma to take the Oath of Office before they can assume their office and exercise and of the responsibilities and powers granted to them by virtue of extant, valid and subsisting Senatus consulta ultima, leges and Senatus consulta

VII. The duties of the above officials shall be as defined in extant, valid and subsisting Senatus consulta ultima, leges and Senatus consulta concerning electoral process.

VIII. The above officials shall exercise no other powers and/or responsibilities, nor execute any actions/functions, that are normally the responsibility of magistrates holding similar functions and have as the sole purpose of their offices, the delivery of elections.

IX. The above offices shall be terminated at the successful conclusion to the elections of 2771 A.U.C.

X. Upon enactment of this Senatus consultum ultimum:

A. The only lawful method of subsequently superseding, amending or repealing this Senatus consultum ultimum must be by way of a Senatus consultum ultimum, that must achieve an extraordinary majority before it can be enacted. Any other method or attempt shall be illegal and forbidden. The Princeps senatus may at his/her discretion replace the requirement above for an extraordinary majority with a requirement for a special majority, or a simple majority.

B. No other Senatus consultum ultimum shall be enacted where the proposed content of which conflicts, negates, overrides, limits or otherwise affects in a negative manner the contents and/or purposes of all or any part of this Senatus consultum ultimum, whether directly or indirectly other than by the method at specified at section X.A of this Senatus consultum ultimum.

XI. This Senatus consultum ultimum shall terminate on the 31st December 2018, unless it shall be terminated earlier under the process described at section X.A of this Senatus consultum ultimum.

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