Main List Guidelines

The praetores of Nova Roma hereby define the guidelines for appropriate usage of Nova Roma's public communication forum, currently located at: Nova-Roma@yahoogroups.com

These guidelines are based on the guidelines previously issued by our predecessors (Pompeia Cornelia and Patricia Cassia). As praetores of Nova Roma, though, we keep the right to change these guidelines in the future.

  1. The Nova Roma forum (herein referred to as 'the list') is set up so that replies will automatically be sent to the entire list. Please keep this in mind when you are replying. You are not issuing a private email. If your reply is intended for only one member, and has no benefit to the rest of the list subscribers, consider sending it privately.

  2. Posts that merely voice agreement with a previous post without expanding on an issue in any way are discouraged.

  3. Please trim your posts. When replying to a thread, snip unnecessary sections of the original post for brevity, and indicate where you have done so by printing at the appropriate space. Correct usage of snipping prevents large posts that can quickly fill subscribers mailboxes

  4. If you feel you must dispute or criticize another person's post, consider doing so in private.

    Sometimes a person makes a genuine mistake, and your gentle correction via private email means much more to them than potentially embarrassing them in the forum over what is an innocent error. We know that during political debates, private exchanges are impractical. Please use discretion in this area.

  5. It is entirely appropriate to disagree publicly with another's stated views or another's actions as they report such, or with the actions of Nova Roma's Magistrates, Senate or otherwise appointed officials.

  6. Nova Roma is an organization of individuals from a wide variety of nations, religions, cultural backgrounds and political viewpoints, and it is only reasonable that our views should differ.

    Please consider the following when expressing disagreement of opposing viewpoints:

    • Express respect for the person and the entitlement to his opinion, and faith in his or her good intentions.

    • Point out any themes in which you do not agree.

    • If in the criticism of a person's actions, perhaps in the capacity of a magistrate or senator, point out specifically which actions you are referring to. Quote the message number of the post in which you base your account and opinions. This makes things more objective and often helpful to the person in question, as to what, specifically, you are referring to, and your issues with same.

    • In an academic debate, endeavor to offer references to back up your assertions.

    • At all times maintain politeness in the expression of your opinion and endeavour to respect the rights and opinions of others.

    Inappropriate behaviour includes:

    • The use of profane language; misrepresentation of the truth for the purpose of making another person look foolish; calling others names; criticizing a poster's personal character as opposed to criticizing his ideas; making derrogatory, belittling, subjective statements about the Gods and Goddesses of Rome (quoting from a myth does not apply) or belittling deities of other religions for entertainment. Further, in the interests of those under 18, sexual references must be strictly within the context of an historical discussion. Otherwise, they are to be made in private.

    • The arbitrary advertisment of goods and services (SPAM) is not permitted on the Nova Roma mainlist, unless the advertiser is a member of Nova Roma's marketplace, the Macellum. Macellum merchants are welcome to advertise from time to time in a low-key fashion. This entails a signature line/file, a one-time announcement of initial affiliation with the Macellum, advertising in response to a post of inquiry made in the forum, or an ad once every three months or so advertising your presence in the Macellum.

  7. If you feel that a post is inappropriate in any way, consider mailing the individual concerned privately, explaining your rationale for grievance and asking for clarification.

    If you would like to talk to us confidentially about a particular post, please contact us at praetors@novaroma.org.

  8. During the time leading up to elections (held each November and occasionally at other times if offices become vacant) this list is one of the forums where candidates express their views and present their qualifications to the populace. All of the strictures governing appropriate behaviour mentioned hereto, shall remain in place and apply to all candidates and their supporters.

  9. Please do not give out personal information (i.e., address or phone number) to the list. While it would be pleasant to believe we are all good-hearted and sane, we are not; you cannot trust in that.

  10. Due to the influxes of SPAM and past incidents of posts from those who wish nothing but to cause disruption and insult to the list, or particular subscribers of the list, to wit, TROLLS, it has become necessary to place all new list members on Moderated Status, just until we are satisfied that such persons are indeed here to celebrate aspects of Roma Antiquita and Nova Roma, as opposed to being here for unjustifiable reasons. This is unfortunate, but it has proved necessary.

  11. Language Policies

    The forum of Roma Antiquita was a large venue, with people of different languages conversing, a few in this corner, a few in that corner.

    Rome was a very mulicultured place in her glory. Mind you official information was in Latin, and in some cases Greek, but people were free to speak informally as they wished in the language of their choice.

    Our constitution mandates freedom of communication provided it is not dangerous or disruptive.

    Currently, the praetores can understand Latin, Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese, so messages in those languages are most welcome. For other languages, help can be obtained from the decuria of interpreters of Nova Roma.

    Thanks to the decuria of interpreters and to several magistrates or legates who are willing to assist with list moderation, 'informal' communication in the forum is open to most main languages. Feel free to post in English, Latin, Italian, Portugese, Spanish, Fench, German, Russian, Norwegian, Finnish, Swedish or any Slavik language. The Praetors have many to thank for efforts in this regard.

    ***Exception: This does not contravene the Lex Cornelia de Linguis Publicis which stipulates, though comitial mandate, that any offical government legislation or priestly decrees must be issued in English or Latin where applicable, so they can be translated verbatim into other languages to be more easily understood by the entirety of the populace.

  12. Topics of Discussion

    The main focus of this list is Nova Roma and Roma Antiqua. However, as members of a diverse international community we all have lives and interests outside of Nova Roma. It is perfectly acceptable to discuss non-Roman topics here, though keep in mind that not everyone may share your interest in these topics.

  13. The Praetors have the imperium to govern the list, but prefer to encourage positive interaction as opposed to punishing negative behaviour. In the case of a poster whose actions violate these guidelines aforementioned, the following escalated courses of action shall be taken:

    1. A private memo from the Praetors' office or a Scribal designate, stating the incident of infarction, and a reminder to review the guidelines. Often people who are new to the list are not intentionally trying to upset anybody.

    2. Another private memo as above.

    3. Moderated status (the poster may post but all posts they issue are first reviewed by the Praetors or their designate). The length of moderation shall be determined by the number of offences in the past, the severity of the violation, and the intent to violate. No citizen shall be kept in moderate status for more than 2 (two) months without a firm sentence issued by a legal court as described by the Lex Salicia Iudiciaria

    4. (For example: Nobody is going to be placed on moderated status for an extended time for failure to trim posts or for saying 'me too')

30 Januarius 2756