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CIV-Gaius Petronius Dexter.jpg Gaius Petronius Dexter

Candidate for Praetor.
Album Civium

C. Petronius Dexter Quiritibus Novis Romanis salutem plurimam dicit,

This is my statement for the Praetorship.

Now that the candidacies are closed and the Comices will begin on December 20, it is time to me to share with you my official statement.

As I do not want to hurt your ears with my bad English, I will be short.

The praetor faces 2 main tasks. Overseeing the official fora and administering the judicial system.

Those 2 tasks beg from the praetor some main Roman virtues as dignitas, severitas and aequitas. I think that I have the three as you can appreciate it in the year I was tribune of the Plebs. The behavior of a magistrate is more important than a dream plan written in good English.

What I want successfuly obtain if I am elected?

For Nova Roma a year with fora frequented by more people, with interesting discussions and polite debates, fora in which people want to be involved and also put the laws in order, seek and point the incoherences between them in order to propose their improvement to the vote of the comices and finally, obtain also for myself the satisfaction to have been usefull to this big idea that we share: Nova Roma.

Praetorship is a collegial position, you will elect a couple of praetors. The year I was tribune of the Plebs the both praetors resigned together, with me that will not happen. In putting my candidacy for praetor, I make a contract with you to serve Nova Roma the entire year incoming. A collegial position and also a key position in the wheels of the state. So, my fellow citizens, I beg your suffrages on my name because I think that this year will be very constructive as I read on the statements of the candidates for the consulship, so I will help in the frame of the praetor's duties each progress I will agree, for the best of Nova Roma.

Optime valete.

C. Petronius Dexter

Arcoiali scribebat

a.d. XV Kal. Ian. P. Vllerio C. Equitio coss.
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