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(''Libation of wine is made'')
(''Libation of wine is made'')
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This is an example of the Sacrifice to Mercurius performed during Mercuralia, 15th of May every year. It can be modified for individual usage.



  • Items needed:

- Basin and cloth for washing of hands, if possible a pitcher of water to pour over the hands.

- Altar, called ara, set up oriented towards the East, the direction towards which the prayers should be directed.

- Focus to burn incense.

- Pitcher to hold and pour wine.

- Incense with a dish to hold incense.

- Wine.

  • Participants:

- the Priest conducting the prayers and offerings.

- an assistant to read Latin test to priest.

- an assistant to read English text (or whatever native language is spoken) while priest makes offerings. This is optional, and it is for those who do not understand Latin. It is not a part of the actual ceremoniae but is a courtesy.

- an assistant who brings offerings to priest.

- flute player.

(The assistant starts:)

Favete linguis!

(Beginning of the sacrifice)

(The flute player starts to sing)


(The priest starts while incense is offered:)


te hoc ture commovendo bonas preces precor,

uti sies volens propitius Populo Novo Romano Quirítibus,

mihi, domo, familiae!

(Incense is placed in the focus of the altar)


uti te ture commovendo bonas preces precatus sum,

eiusdem rei ergo macte víno inferio esto!

(Libation of wine is made)


(The priest continue)


Hisce Idibus Maiis te precor, quaesoque:

uti Rem Publicam Populí Novi Romani Quirítium

confirmes, augeas, adiuves;

utíque divitiae, opes, fortunae Populí Novi Romani Quirítium

crescant et convalescant;

utique sies volens propitius

nobis pontificibus, senatui populoque Novo Romano,

consulibus, praetoribus, censoribus, aedilibus,

quaestoribus, tribunis plebis, omnibus civibus,

mihi, domo, familiae!


Quarum rerum ergo macte

hoc víno libando,

hoc ture ommovendo

esto fito volens propitius

populo Novo Romano Quiritibus,

nobis, domibus, familiis!

(Libation of wine is made and incense is sacrificed)


(End of the sacrifice)


(Since the historical caerimonia of this ritual is lost in antiquity, a piaculum is appropriate. If anything within the caerimonia offended Mercurius, an offering of wine is made as atonement)



Iuppiter, Iuno, Minerva,

Concordia, Omnes Di Immortales:

si quid vobis in hac caerimonia displicuit,

hoc vino inferio veniam peto

et vitium meum expio.

(Libation of wine is made)

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