Senatus Consultum on Prorated Tax Credit for FY 2015

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For the period of the Dictatura in 2015 (half of November and all of December) the proposal is that we offer to those that apply by email to the CFO directly (not message posts) requesting it, a tax credit based on a prorated period of 1.5 months by class, to be offset against 2017 taxes. The CFO will record the credit and those applying will be asked to also endorse their PayPal payment for 2017 with an additional note that they have a credit they are using to offset the tax for that year. This will only apply to those that had paid their tax for 2015 as of November 16th. If you didn't pay by then you don't get the credit. There is no option to take this amount as a refundable amount. Persons will be eligible to claim the credit until August 31st 2016, after which it will no longer be available.

2015 tax rate Credit amount
Class I $38 $4.75
Class II $32 $4.00
Class III $22 $2.75
Class IV $14 $1.75
Class V $ 8 $1.00
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