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Gaia Veturia Sacerdos
Album Civium

Gaia Veturia Sacerdos holds an A.A. with Honors in Music and a B.S. in Architecture ( for buildings, not for computers ). She is an alumna member of Phi Theta Kappa Honors Society and a licensed Architect in California (C22740).

Shortly after becoming active as a citizen, Veturia was honored to be selected the first place winner of the Certamen Historicum held during the Ludi Novi Romani celebrating the XVth anniversary of the founding of Nova Roma. She is proud to have established the lineage of the Veturia gens for Nova Roma in AUC 2766. She chose her Nova Roma name as an historic tribute to "Veturia", the mother of the ancient Roman general Caius Marcius Coriolanus and the first, founding priestess of the Temple of Fortuna Muliebris. This temple to the "womanly aspects" of the Goddess Fortuna was an ancient feminist temple celebrating a return to peace from war; a temple which was requested on behalf of women's rights by "Veturia" and earned by the successful efforts of a group of ancient Roman women who proved that they could bring peace to Rome. The Temple of Fortuna Muliebris was the only permanent temple in Rome that was completely run by women and which gave the women of Rome, particularly women in their first marriage, the right to speak publicly.

C. Veturia Sacerdos discovered Nova Roma whilst doing online research regarding the Goddess Fortuna, and became interested in the Religio Romana. She was experienced as a contemporary NeoPagan Goddess Priestess and had developed several independent projects including a separate website, radio show and nonprofit religious organization. She had become a believer in the ancient mythological religions as a "latchkey" kid with a fascination for the elementary school library. With no obvious religion to provide guidance, save her private studies of Greco-Roman mythology, her prayers for a normal family life were divinely answered. She and her siblings were miraculously blessed with adoption by her mother's new husband; a mysterious immigrant with a strong and quaint foreign accent, who hailed from a region located somewhere within the extensive realm of the ancient Roman Empire ... a kindhearted, educated man who took the time to read children's storybooks aloud to the family. Her childhood fascination with books, drawings and pictures illustrating the ancient mythologies, statues and temples of the deities from the Pagan era of Greece and Rome would become the foundation for her University studies in the Architectural design of buildings, sites and cities.

In addition to her credentials in the artistry of building design, Veturia holds licensure for the sale of California real estate properties and businesses. As a spiritual practitioner, she is ordained as a humanist member of the clergy through a separate organization and has performed marriage rites as a legally accepted officiant in California. Veturia learned divination by cartomancy as a calming, meditative hobby during a lull in business between architectural contracts. She developed her talents of divination in concert with her research for the Goddess Fortuna; specifically in Her aspect of Primigenia, which was associated with divination by lots at the oracle in the ancient temple of Fortuna in Praeneste. When Veturia discovered that her gifts were well-received by clients, she developed these skills into a second career. At the same time, she earned additional occult credentials as a master consultant and the title of high priestess. After becoming a citizen of Nova Roma, Veturia quickly adapted her knowledge, tools and practical abilities in consultation by divination to include an Oracle by Lots using English translations of the traditional Homeric texts. She continues to be available as a professional in California, and also entertains a "moonlight" occult consultancy by email, live chat and phone.

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