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Dedicated to the restoration of classical Roman religion, culture and virtues

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Hodié a.d. VIII Kal. Sext. M. Cotta C. Petronio cos. MMDCCLXXVII a.u.c. est. "G"

State Mourning Photogpraph of A. Tullia Scholastica Augusta.jpg


A Censorial State Funeral, State Mourning and Funeral Games, the Ludi Tullii were held
(Nancy M. Balding),
Princeps Senatus, Censorial and Consular Senator of Nova Roma, former Censor, Consul, Praetrix, Quaestrix and Interregina of Nova Roma, has passed away on her 80th birthday. She lived 80 years. She will live in our hearts forever! Read the obituary and commemorations about A. Tullia Scholastica Augusta, and the account of her actions dedicated to the restoration of classical Roman culture and virtues:

In memory of A. Tullia Scholastica Augusta


Nova Roma is an international organization dedicated to the study and restoration of ancient Roman culture. From its founding until it ceased to be the center of Imperial authority Rome laid the foundation for our modern Western civilization. Founded 2,750 years after the Eternal City itself, Nova Roma seeks to bring back those golden times, not through the sword and the legions, however, but through the spread of knowledge and through our own virtuous example. Learn more ...

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Citizens of Nova Roma participate in various international and local events throughout the year. The major community convention is the Conventus Novae Romae, but there are several other annual events, programs and activities, like the annual festivals, the ludi, for example the Floralia Aquincensia Nova Romana or the events of our legions, such as our Legio XXI Rapax. Since our citizens live all over the world, we often keep in touch through our official discussion forums which enable involvement in the life of Nova Roma and in the celebration of Roman culture through many online programs even if you are not part of a local community. There are many ways to be involved in the civic life of Nova Roma: choose the way that fits your style and interests. Learn more ...

Learn more about Rome and Nova Roma in our many publications.

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The modern practice of the Roman religion, the cultus deorum Romanorum, is our attempt to reconstruct the religion of the ancient Romans as closely as possible. Roman religion cannot be approached by inserting Roman deity names into Greek religion or any other system, for it is a unique product of the culture that created it. "The pax deorum was considered to be the normal state of affairs, that is, peaceful co-existence between two parties, divine and human, who have agreed not to interfere with one another except under particular, well-defined circumstances."
If you need help, advice or assistance regarding the cultus deorum, don't hesitate to contact our experts. Learn more ...

Quick links: Cultus deorum in Nova Roma - Priesthood - Rites and rituals - Simple rituals for starters - Guide to sacrifice - Gods - Festivals - Roman calendar - All articles about Roman religion

Nova Romanitas ("new Romanness", "revival of Roman culture") is the study and practical application of Roman culture and virtues, "Romanitas" and the "mos maiorum", the revival of all aspects of Roman life, from cultural like arts, language, literature, clothing, architecture, to spiritual such as the virtues, the religion, the ethics and philosophies in our everyday lives. Part of this is our educational mission divulging knowledge about classical culture. One of the cornerstones of Romanitas are the Roman virtues; those qualities which define the ideal state of being and behavior of the Roman citizen. It is as part of the mos maiorum that citizens are expected to take up Roman names for use within our society. Learning Latin, the language of Roman culture, is an equally important step towards becoming a modern Roman. Learn more ...

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We are celebrating the 26th Annversary of Nova Roma at the Concordialia festival, on Kal. Mar. , the holiday of Roman Unity. The aediles curules have announced the start of the Ludi Novi Romani lasting till Id. Mar.

A new local chapter of Nova Roma has been founded by Cn. Lentulus: Colonia Aquincum, in Budapest (Hungary), within our Pannonian province.

Nova Roma is incorporating the Canadian Roman Republic organization as its federate municipium.

Join the Nova Roman guest-friendship project.

Watch videos about Nova Roma on YouTube.

Take a look at some photos of recent Nova Roman events.

Day 5 (131) - Arbeja - Astur, Laureatus, Paulus - -Cordus-.jpg
Photo taken at the V Conventus Novae Romae. Cn. Salvius Astur, C. Moravius Laureatus, & T. Amatius Paulus at Arbeia, enjoying a moment in a reconstructed Roman triclinium.
The Nova Roma Web Site In State Mourning

This site is an ongoing project of the citizens of Nova Roma to build a guide to our Republic and to that of ancient Rome. Any citizen can create an account. Join the our official forum to ask questions or propose projects. Visit our Community Portal for editing guidelines and tutorials and to learn about current projects. Learn how to upload your profile picture, recover your password or contact the site administrators if you have any requests.


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