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Today is a.d. X Kal. Mai. M. Cotta C. Petronio cos. MMDCCLXXVII a.u.c. "A".

Current Events in Brief

We are celebrating the 26th Annversary of Nova Roma at the Concordialia festival, on Kal. Mar. , the holiday of Roman Unity. The aediles curules have announced the start of the Ludi Novi Romani lasting till Id. Mar.

A new local chapter of Nova Roma has been founded by Cn. Lentulus: Colonia Aquincum, in Budapest (Hungary), within our Pannonian province.

Nova Roma is incorporating the Canadian Roman Republic organization as its federate municipium.

Join the Nova Roman guest-friendship project.

Watch videos about Nova Roma on YouTube.

Take a look at some photos of recent Nova Roman events.


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