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Nova Roma is an international organization dedicated to the study and restoration of ancient Roman culture. From its legendary founding in 753 BCE to 330 CE, when it ceased to be the center of Imperial authority, Rome set the standard and laid the foundation for our modern Western civilization. Rome civilized the world, and we see the need for that divine mission to be kept alive.

Founded 2,750 years after the Eternal City itself, Nova Roma seeks to bring back those golden times. But where our ancestors imposed their will through the sword and the legions, we intend the same result through the spread of knowledge and through our own virtuous example.


Roman religion

An integral part of the activities of Nova Roma is the Cultus Deorum, the ancient faith of the people of Rome. Both the domestic rites (sacra privata) and the state rites (sacra publica) are vital to the Cultus Deorum, and both are represented in the practices of Nova Roma. Our long-term goal is the restoration of the ancient Collegia sacra and the honoring of the full cycle of Roman holidays throughout the year. For now, we must make do with a schedule that is practical and the training of individuals who wish to take up the sacred offices.

Roman culture and virtues

Also important for Nova Roma is the New Romanitas, a general revival of all other aspects of Roman culture, from cookery to literature, philosophy, ancient Roman law and the arts. A core aspect of the Roman culture which Nova Roma endeavors to revive is what are known as the Roman virtues. These virtues are what gave a small city on the banks of the Tiber the moral and practical strength to govern much of the world, and are most sorely lacking in our society today. Another aspect of the Roman culture in Nova Roma is the promotion of the Latin language, the only language in which those virtues and that culture ever found their most authentic and universal expression. By promoting Roman culture, we are in effect promoting nothing less than the revitalization of Western society. By practicing Roman crafts and arts, we more fully understand our own Western roots.


Nova Roma is more than a historical recreation society, although we are that. We are more than a Roman religious organization, although we are that, too. We are more than a classical studies group, but that falls within our purview as well. We are nothing less than a sovereign nation; an attempt to re-create the best of classical Rome (with a few compromises to modern times), and we invite you to join us by applying for citizenship today.

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