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Citizen Profile Photos

Unknown Citizen.jpg

If you are a citizen of Nova Roma, you should add a photo of you to your Album Civium citizen ID page.

The photo must be a recognizable representation of you; wearing Roman clothes is not a requirement but it is recommended. This photo may be edited or removed for quality control reasons - we need to ensure that the photos are of the correct size and proportions and are a good representation of the citizen.

Size and Format

  • All photos must be exactly 150 x 150 pixels. Automated page layout breaks if this doesn't happen, so size restrictions must be strictly enforced!
  • All citizen photos must be in "jpg" format. If you can select your "JPEG Compression" value, use a value of around 80.

Uploading Your Photo

If you don't want to be an editor of this website, you can directly send your 150x150 pixel profile picture to the webmaster who will upload it for you.
If you already have Nova Roma Wiki editor user account, you can upload your photo according to the instructions below:

1. Go to the upload page. Click the "Browse" button and find your photo wherever it is stored on your computer.
2. Give your file the correct name in the "Destination filename" field:

  • Filename format is: CIV-Praenomen_Nomen_Cognomen.jpg
    • The filename must begin CIV-. That is a hypen.
    • spell your name exactly as it is in the Album Civium.
    • Use capital letters for first letter of each element of name, lowercase for the rest.
    • Use underscores between words. Multiple cognomina are OK, use underscores between.
    • The filename must end .jpg" This must be lowercase.

3. Put your photo in the correct category.

  • Enter [[Category:Citizen photos]] in the summary. Include the double square brackets. You can enter whatever else you like in the summary as well.

4. Click the "Upload file" button.

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