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Die Rekonstruktion der klassischen römischen Religion, Kultur und Tugenden

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Hodié a.d. X Kal Sex. II post M. Pompeium Sex. Lucilium cos. MMDCCLXX a.u.c. est. "D"


16 November 2015 - 11 March 2016 - A Dictatorship was established within Nova Roma - read more here.

4 - 17 November - The Ludi Plebeii were celebrated.
12 - 21 September - Q. Arrius Nauta, aedilis curulis, organized games, celebrations and contests for the Ludi Romani. Check the webpage!

Das "Xenia Nova Romana" Project.

Watch videos about Nova Roma on YouTube

Watch amazing photos of Nova Roman wedding ceremonies, a consecration of an augur, and an inauguration of a templum

Open door lunch.jpg
A tradition during the ludi Apollinares was to have lunch or dinner with open doors. Open door lunch of Nova Roman citizens for the Ludi Apollinares during the IV Nova Roman Reenactment Camp in Pannonia (Hungary), in 2761. From left to right Livia Plauta tribuna plebis, M. Metellus, Sp. Porcius and Cn. Lentulus as centurio around the table.
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