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The Comitia Curiata is the oldest recorded Comitia in Rome. It dates from the time of the Kings; by the late Republic it had become largely ceremonial. The members of the Comitia Curiata are Nova Roma's Lictors (lictores curiati), convened and presided over by the Pontifex Maximus, the consuls, or the praetors. The duties of the Comitia Curiata are primarily to invest elected and appointed magistrates, governors or other officers with auspicia maiora and imperium. They will also undertake the following:

  • Witness the appointment of official priests and priestess of the Religio Romana, adoptions, and the recording of wills;
  • Approve or reject the elevation of a plebeian family to the patriciatus;
  • Approve or reject an adoption that elevates a plebeian to the patriciatus or lowers a patrician to the plebs;
  • Approve or reject an application from a patrician who wishes to renounce his status and become a member of the plebs.

The comitia curiata derives its function from the Article III of the Lex Cornelia Domitia de re publica constituenda (the constitution of Nova Roma).

Current Lictores Curiati

The comitia curiata (Curiate Assembly) shall be made up of thirty lictores curiati (lictors of the curia), appointed to their positions by the Collegium Pontificum (college of pontiffs) or as nominated jointly by the curio and the flamen curialis from among the members of the curiae of the old ceremonial tribes.

150px}} Publius Ullerius Stephanus Venator


150px}} Helena Galeria Aureliana


150px}} Gaius Tullius Valerianus Germanicus


150px}} Aula Tullia Scholastica


150px}} Gaius Claudius Quadratus


150px}} Titus Domitius Draco


150px}} Quintus Fabius Labeo


150px}} Marcus Pompeius Caninus


150px}} Quintus Lutatius Catulus


Historical Meetings of the Comitia Curiata

Under current legislation, the comitia curiata is now often called to order publicly by a consular edict in the Forum Romanum, or by the pontifex maximus in a closed session.

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