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Our society

Patricians - Plebeians
The equestrian order
Nobiles - Homines novi
Gens and domus, families
The 35 tribes
The 31 centuries
The 5 classes
Census points
Assidui - Capite censi

Social structure of Nova Roma

Tribes are voting blocks of the comitia populi tributa and comitia plebis tributa. Every citizen of Nova Roma is placed into a tribe, determined by taxpayment. The number of tribes is 35. Out of these 35 centuries, 31, called "rural tribes" are reserved for assiduus citizens, the elite of the citizenry, and 4, called the "urban tribes" are reserved for the capite censi, the masses of inactive citizens.

Tribes in Nova Roma are numbered, the last four being the rural tribes, but this has no further significance. Citizens in the rural tribes have more voting weight, as rural tribes have less citizens in them, therefore each citizen's vote carries greater weight.

Voting by tribes

Following Roman traditions and practices, when the tribal assembly of the people of Nova Roma, the comitia populi tributa and comitia plebis tributa are called to vote, each citizen's vote is counted only within his tribe. The result within the tribe determines the vote of each tribe, and it's the vote of each tribe that is counted when calculating the results of the voting.

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