Lex Labiena de iure edicendi vigintisexvirorum (Nova Roma)

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This lex has been REPEALED.

I. Pursuant to section IV.A.8 of the Constitution, which allows the Vigintisexviri to be defined and assigned functions by law, it is recognized that it is constitutional and lawful to assign to these magistrates those powers that are reasonable and necessary to perform those functions.

II. Therefore, the Vigintisexviri are hereby given the power to issue edicta, subject to the following restrictions.

A. Edicta issued by a member of the Vigintisexviri shall reasonably and demonstrably fall under the purview of the specific functions assigned to that member of the Vigintisexviri by law.
B. All edicta issued by a member of the Vigintisexviri shall be subject in all ways to the laws that regulate edicta issued by other magistrates.
C. Members of the Vigintisexviri are advised that not all actions they take must be announced by edicta. It is strongly suggested that the use of edicta be restricted to those actions that require some force of law, such as long-term policies.

Passed by Comitia Populi Tributa, Yes-30; No-0; Tied-2; Abstain-1


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