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  • The list of Nova Roman assidui citizens, with over a year of citizenship, that can legally judge a case. The album is partly based on data contained in this record, together with updates received since. This data may not be complete. Any citizen who qualifies and whose name is not included in the Album should contact the Praetores through the contacts listed here.

  • NB Data is incomplete and he table still being populated

Citizen Date of citizenship
Gaius Aemilius Priscus 2008-04-01
Gaius Aemilius Crassus 2007-02-17
Lucia Ambrosia Valeria 2001-12-07
Publius Annaeus Constantinus Placidus 2003-06-01
Marca Annia Megas Machinatrix 2000-11-17
Gaius Annius Barbatus 2009-02-25
Gaius Antonius Germanicus 2001-08-26
Gaius Antonius Costa 2008-04-17
Gaius Apollonius Agrippa 2002-08-26
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