America Austroccidentalis provincial report MMDCCLX

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Report for the Province of Am. Austroccidentalis for 2008

I - Anticipated revenue from the province: None, other than tax revenue. The number of tax payers is expected to remain as it is. Our body of active citizens is small but dependable.

II - Description of fundraising activities planned: No fundraising activities planned at this time.

III - Anticipated expenses within the province: Our citizens continue to plan regional gatherings within the province. We would like to use some of our tax revenue for a province-wide gathering of citizens. (Last year, no refund of tax revenue was requested, due to low activity. I expect this to change in 2008.)

IV - Description of provincial activities necessitating expenditure: We will save our refunded tax revenue for province-wide social gatherings of citizens. This is the same policy as in previous years. A majority of citizens in this province are also interested in gaining access to the Ager Publicus, which is so close to us. EVERY new citizen asks about it, and we would like to plan a group excursion to visit the land.

V - Please let the record show that I would like to continue as governor.

A. Moravia Aurelia

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