America Austrorientalis Edictum VIII (Nova Roma)

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Edictum Propraetoricum 2754-8 AMERICA AUSTRORIENTALIS PROVINCIA August 7, 2754 a.u.c.


I, Lucius Sicinius Drusus, Propraetor America Austrorientalis, issue the following Edictum to designate the Patron Deities of America Austrorientalis.

1. Whereas, our Provincia has a long and proud history of Military service, To the United States, and to the Confederacy. Whereas, many of our citizens are members of Legions. Whereas, agriculture is a mainstay of our provincial economy. We shall ask Pater Mars to be our primary patron, for it is Pater Mars who keeps our fields abundant and protects our Legions.

2. Whereas, America Austrorientalis is a land of great natural beauty, Whereas, Her people have a long history of enjoying the gifts of nature. Whereas, our Provincia is home to the Spaceport from which men first left Earth to go to the Moon. It is proper that we ask Diana, Goddess of the Moon and of Natural places, the divine huntress to watch over us as one of our patron Goddesses.

3. Whereas, we are a Nova Roman Province, It is proper for us to pay honor to the Captoline Triad as our patrons. Iuppiter Optimus Maximus, Ruler of the Gods and men, who watches over our Nation, and our province, Iuno, who protects our families, Minerva who gives us the wisdom we need in our endeavors.

4. I Therefore call upon our Sacerdos Primus to perform Rites on behalf of our province asking these Gods and Goddesses to take us under their protection, and to report any Omens she might observe during these Rites.

L. Sicinius Drusus, Propraetor America Austrorientalis

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