America Austrorientalis Edictum XXIX (Nova Roma)

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I, Fl. Galerius Aurelianus, hereby issue Provincial Edictum XXVIII for the Nova Roma Provincia America Austrorientalis in the matter of the annual taxes to be collected for 2761 A.U.C.

Provincial Edictum XXVIII is hereby revoked and nullified.

In accordance with the Senatus Consultum (see below), all appointed officials of America Austrorientalis those being praefecti, sacerdotes, and scribi are politely required to pay their annual taxes through the office of the Gubernator no later than May 1 of this year.

All private citizens and those who are required to be assidui to hold their current offices are politely requested to pay their annual taxes through the office of the Gubernator no later than May 1 of this year.

Payment through the Gubernator's office will insure that the province will have access to 50% of the tax payment for use by the province for events, purchases, and other project in the coming year.

The amount of tax for the province is $15.00.

Individuals who do not wish to pay taxes to Nova Roma but may wish to hold a provincial office may make a private contribution in the minimum amount of $7.50. Any individual may make a larger contribution if they wish to do so.

In order to supply documentation for the Consuls and Senate, payment will be limited to checks and money orders in mailed. Cash will be accepted by the Gubernator in person and a receipt will be provided. During 2762 A.U.C., electronic payment will be instituted.

Checks and money orders need to be made out to:

Patrick D. Owen (AAe-NR)

The address is:

1709 Hanover Rd. Nashville TN 37216.

Given under my hand, this third day of February, 2761 a.U.c in the consulship of Marcus Moravius Piscinus Horatianus and Titus Iulius Sabinus.

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