America Austrorientalis Edictum XXV (Nova Roma)

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Edictum propraetoricum 2759 about Appointment of Praefectus Regio Georgia, duties of the Praefectus Regio, and Removal of Scriba Propraetoris

I, Flavius Galerius Aurelianus, Propraetor America Austrorientalis, hereby appoint

Appius Galerius Aurelianus as Praefectus Regio Georgia (encompassing the states of Georgia and Alabama).

I, Flavius Galerius Aurelianus, Propraetor America Austrorientalis, hereby define

The duties of a Praefectus Regio of America Austrorientalis, which shall be:

a. to respect & obey the Constitution & By-laws of Nova Roma; b. to report the conditions of the Regio to the Propraetor; c. to encourage active participation by the citizens in the Regio via meetings and events; d. to resolve any difficulties or disputes that may arise between citizens of the Regio by discussion and compromise; subject to Appeal to the Propraetor; e. to assist the Propraetor in the establishment of the borders or boundaries of any Oppidia or Municipia within the Regio as may be defined by the appropriate legislation; f. to sit in the Provincial Council and to offer wise advice to the Propraetor for the good of the province; g. to encourage the citizens of the province to become assidui by paying the annual tax to Nova Roma for the improvement of the province and the model republic of Nova Roma; h. to pay appropriate honors & deference to the Immortal Gods at public ceremonies & rites of the province.

I, Flavius Galerius Aurelianus, Propraetor America Austrorientalis, hereby remove

Servia Iulia Caesaris Metelliana (also known as Servia Iulia Caesar Valeriana) as Scriba Propraetoris of America Austrorientalis and offer her the gratitude of the province for her service.

This edictum becomes effective immediately.

Given under my hand, this day 27 September 2759 AUC, being 2006 AD1 Gregorian, in the Consulship of C. Fabius Buteo Modianus and Po. Minucia Strabo.

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