America Austrorientalis Edictum XXX (Nova Roma)

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Creation of the provincial office of Sub-Praefect

I, Fl. Galerius Aurelianus, Gub. Am. AAE by appointment of the Senate of Nova Roma, hereby issue Provincial Edictum XXX for the Nova Roman Provincia America Austrorientalis on the subject of the provincial office of sub-praefect.

In an order to further the growth of Nova Roma within America Austrorientalis and to ease the duties of the praefecti regii, the provincial office of sub-praefect is hereby created.

The sub-praefect shall be appointed by the Gubernator America Austrorientalis by means of a provincial edictum.

The sub-praefect will be subordinate in rank to the Gubernator America Austrorientalis and the praefect regio over the sub-praefecture within their regio.

There shall be five sub-praefectures created, at this time, corresponding to the five regiones of the province. Each sub-praefecture shall encompass a specific geographical area to be declared by the Gubernator.

The sub-praefect's responsibilities, prerogatives, and duties are:

  1. to hold meetings such as are necessary for business, education, fasti, and recruiting;
  2. to recruit new citizens;
  3. to organize events and/or participate in events sponsored by other organizations that are appropriate to the goals of Nova Roma;
  4. to appoint scribae (with the consent of their praefect regio) and give them appropriate work assignments;
  5. to distribute appropriate and approved printed and/or etheric material to encourage the growth of Nova Roma within the province;
  6. to give all appropriate honors and respect to the Senate and People of Nova Roma by following the NR Constitution and Leges of Nova Roma along with the edicta of this province;
  7. to actively seek the cooperation, participation, and support of the Gubernator Am. Austrorientalis and their praefect regio in all their laudable undertakings;
  8. to honor the Religio Romana and Dii Immortales and never act in any manner that would diminish the Pax Deorum;
  9. to be assidui citizens of Nova Roma by paying the annual taxes unless released from that obligation by the consent of the Gubernator Am. Austrorientalis;
  10. to be members of the provincial curia and to offer good and wholesome advice.

Given under my hand, this 16th day of February, 2008 CE, being ante diem XIV Kalendas Martias [EN] Religiosus MMDCCLXI a.U.c., in the consulship of Marcus Moravius Piscinus Horatius and Titus Iulius Sabinus.

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