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Edictum Propraetoricum 2756-1 AMERICA AUSTRORIENTALIS PROVINCIA March 5, 2756 a.u.c.


I, Gaius Popillius Laenas, Propraetor of America Austrorientalis, herby extend and confirm the following edicta of my predecessor, which shall remain in full effect:

EDICTUM I - establishment of Provincial mailing list at:

EDICTUM II - establishment of Provincial Regios.

EDICTUM III - establishment of Provincial Offices.

EDICTUM VII - appointment of Helena Galeria as Sacerdos Primus (First Priestess) of the Provincae. My thanks to Helena Galeria for her willingness to continue to serve.

EDICTUM VIII - designation of Provincial Patron Deities.

The full text of these EDICTA may be found at:

Gaius Popillius Laenas Propraetor America Austrorientalis

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