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Report for the Province of Am. Austrorientalis for 2760-61 AUC (2007-
Report for the Province of [[Provincia America Austrorientalis - Tabularium (Nova Roma)|Am. Austrorientalis]] for 2760-61 AUC (2007-
08 Gregorian)
08 Gregorian)

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Report for the Province of Am. Austrorientalis for 2760-61 AUC (2007- 08 Gregorian)

I - Revenue from the province in 2760 Exactly 8 citizens paid their taxes through this office; six on time and two after the tax period ended. Half of these monies were forwarded to Tb. Galerius Paulinus Consul due to problems with the pick-up schedule at the P.O. Box in Maine. The total amount forwarded was $65.50; the province also retained 50% of the late penalty fee. In addition, two citizens contributed $7.50 each to the provincial treasury. Other citizens chose to pay their annual taxes through Paypal or by mail to the corporate post office box in Wells, Maine.

Finally, I promised my province that I would match 10% of each tax payment collected through my office and also contribute a portion of the sales from my personal business enterprise (Mensa Romana; now Mensa Deorum) beginning at the Pompeii Reborn Event held at Mobile, AL in February. I also made sales at the Rossini Festival in Knoxville, TN; the Pagan Unity Festival in Burns, TN; and the Roman Festivus in Clarksville, TN. The total of tax revenues and contributions to the provincial fund 02/02/07 to 10/22/07 was: $146.75. The current total in the provincial treasury (minus expenditures under III.) is: $63.61

II - Description of fundraising activities planned Further contributions from Mensa Deorum are expected to continue in the future beginning with the Provincial Conventus planned for January 2008 in Birmingham, AL. As this was the first year that provincial taxes were collected through the gubenatore's office & considering the foreseen increase in taxes, I was somewhat disappointed only 8 citizens paid their taxes through my office. Based upon recruitment and participation in events, I expect to see an increase of approximately 25% or more next year. If the annual taxes are not increased, this should result in about $75.00 in tax revenues being retained by the province.

III - Description of provincial activities requiring expenditures The Neptunalia was held on July 22, 2007 and $20.00 was used to help defray the cost of food served at the event. The province participated in the Roman Festivus (sponsored by the Legio V Alaudae Tennessee) on Oct. 13, 2007. A demonstration of Roman religious and domestic life was offered including a selection of Roman & Celtic breads and condiments to be sampled by the spectators along with food items for display. This necessitated an expenditure of $36.13. The citizens of the province also offered a caerimonia to celebrate the Meditrinalia & Fontinalia. Flyers for Nova Roma were distributed resulting in three individuals joining the provincial yahoogroup. Finally, $27.61 has been expended for the purchase of materials (plywood, paint, sealer, and brushes) for signs to be made & used at future events. These signs would display the emblem of Nova Roma with the name and emblems of America Austrorientalis. Total expenditures this year: $83.14.

IV - Anticipated expenditures for future events, activities, and equipment The only current planned expenditure is for five smaller signs for the regions of the province showing the Nova Roma emblem, the name of the Regio, and the emblems of the province to be used by the regional praefects for recruiting purposes. Estimated cost for this project is $40-45.00. Further expenditures and projects will be discussed at the provincial conventus in January.

V - Events held by the province or in conjunction with other organizations in 2760 The province celebrated or supported caerimoniae/fasti for the Lupercalia, Vinalia Prioria, Mercuralia, Neptunalia, Meditranalia, and Fontinalia and plan to celebrate the Saturnalia in December. In addition, members of NR Am. Austrorientalis held classes, conducted rites, or participated in the Pompeii Reborn/Castra Romana (Mobile, AL); Rossini Festival (Knoxville, TN); Pagan Unity Festival (Burns, TN); Roman Festivus (Clarksville, TN); Festival of Souls (Memphis, TN).

VI - Events planned for the province in 2761 The province is planning a conventus in Birmingham, AL in January. Also, we hope to participate in events held by or in conjunction with Legio V Alaudae Tennessee, Legio VI Ferrata, Legio XI Claudia Pia Fidelis, and the Ludus Gladiatorum. Class and rites will be held at the Pagan Unity Festival and Festival of Souls. The province will also continue to celebrate the Lupercalia, Vinalia Prioria, Mercuralia, Neptunalia, and plan to add other fasti onto the provincial calendar.

VI - State of the province All five regional praefects have turned in their reports and have indicated that they wish to retain their positions for another year. Lucius Vitellius Triarius, praefect for TN/AR, has been active in opening a relationship with the Legio V Alaudae Tennessee as well as maintaining the provincial website at bravehost & Volesia list at Gaius Antonius Germanicus, praefect for MS/LA, has established a regional webpage and begun a newsletter. He has also been active among the Society for Creative Anachronisms, Inc. and Roman military reenactment units in the Louisiana area opening relations with NR and those groups.. Helena Galeria Aureliana, praefect for NC/SC, brought three individuals to Nashville to tour the temples and participate in a ritus. Appius Galerius Aurelianus, praefect for AL/GA, has been in ill health for most of the year and has not been able to participate since he hosted the Georgia Convivium in December of last year. Tiberius Cornelius Scipio, praefect for FL, is the most recent appointment and has not been able to participate due to his work.

VI - Request to continue as gubenator of Am. Austrorientalis I believe that I have served Nova Roma well as gubenator of this province and would request that the Senate allow me to continue in the office for another year.

Flavius Galerius Aurelianus

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