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Report for the Province of Am. Austrorientalis for 2761 AUC (2008 Gregorian)

  • I - Revenue from the province in 2761

Exactly 9 citizens paid their taxes through this office & all monies were forwarded to the NR post office box in Colchester, CT. Also, some citizens included extra monies as contributions to the provincial treasury. I do not have figures on those citizens that paid directly by Paypal, money order, or personal check. I did not match any funds this year nor did any money come out of my personal business enterprise (Mensa Deorum); the latter because I did not attend any events this year because of other activities. The total revenue held by the province at this time is $87.50.

  • II - Description of fundraising activities planned

No fund raising events are planned at this time.

  • III - Description of provincial activities requiring expenditures

The only provincial activity that required expenditure this year was the Provincial Conventus in Birmingham, AL. I used all the remaining funds in the provincial treasury to defray the costs of lodging because some of the provincial citizens would not have been able to participate in the event otherwise. I continued to use my own funds to insure that my office stayed solvent & that informational flyers could be printed. Total expenditure for the conventus was $63.61

The province does have three provincial sign boards that are decorated with the emblems of Nova Roma and America Austrorientalis. The signs will be used at future events to identify the NR pavilion operated by AAe.

  • IV - Anticipated expenditures for future events, activities, and equipment

Expenditures are anticipated for the 2009 provincial conventus (if one is held) but there are no specifics at this time.

  • V - Events held by the province or in conjunction with other organizations in 2761

The province celebrated or supported caerimoniae/fasti for the Saturnalia and Paganalia as well as the Conventus in February. Due to other commitments, the province did not participate in the Pagan Unity Festival (Burns, TN) or the Festival of Souls (Memphis, TN). The Legio V Alaudae did not hold any events this year that our province was invited to attend and the Castra Romana (S.C.) was cancelled due to hurricanes.

  • VI - Events planned for the province in 2762

The province is in the early planning stage for a provincial or inter-provincial conventus in S.C. at the Roman B&B there. Marca Hortensia Maior is working on the information now. No specific date is planned. Also, we hope to participate in events held by or in conjunction with Legio V Alaudae Tennessee and the Ludus Gladiatorum. Classes and rites will be held at the Pagan Unity Festival XII (May 2009). The province will also continue to celebrate the Lupercalia, Vinalia Prioria, Mercuralia, Neptunalia, and plan to add other fasti onto the provincial calendar.

  • VI - State of the province

Three regional praefects have turned in their reports and have indicated that they wish to retain their positions for another year.

The praefects for Georgia/Alabama and Florida have been discharged but there is a citizen who has show interest in assuming the latter position. I will be appointing him to that position soon. I am also considering appointing a procurator who will be my successor in this office.

  • VI – I request to continue as gubernator of Am. Austrorientalis I believe that I have served Nova Roma well as gubernator of this province and would request that the Senate allow me to continue in the office for another year.

Flavius Galerius Aurelianus

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