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Comitia Centuriata


C Equitius Cato

I have been asked privately, by several citizens, to voice my intentions here in the Forum.

The office of consul carries with it the responsibility - on a day-to-day level - of carrying the work of the Respublica forward.

To me, this means several things.

First and foremost, it means the building of a true community based on mutual respect for our common goals and our law.

I have advocated strongly for many years that we must clean up our tabularium and free our macronational by-laws from our internal law. As consul, my first goal would be to separate the Constitution and tabularium from our by-laws, allowing us the freedom to act as a Roman respublica under our own guidelines with minimal interference from the outside.

I have advocated strongly for many years the necessity of building, fostering, encouraging and supporting the religiones Romanae - the cultus Deorum - for it is the soul of the Respublica and without it we are simply an animate shell. My private cultus notwithstanding, I will, as consul, do everything in my power to make the sacra publica live again, giving every possible aid and support to educating our citizens and supporting - even subsidizing - our pontiffs and sacerdotes.

Just as ancient Rome embraced and ruled over a multitude of peoples, so can we learn to understand and encourage our peculiar local attributes while using them to make the whole stronger.

I am often gruff to the point of rudeness, but I have always spoken my mind exactly as I felt necessary, and always to the benefit of the Respublica as a whole, with the health and strength of the Respublica my primary objective; I have agreed and disagreed with just about everyone at one time or another, but have always held true to what I feel are the essential strengths and purposes of our life together.

If elected consul I will continue to do so, but with the gift of the authority that only the People of the Respublica can give.



Comitia Populi Tributa

Aedilis Curulis





Comitia Plebis Tributa

Tribunus Plebis

C Tullius Valerianus Germanicus

Avete Quirites!

I am happy to announce to you that I am running for the office of Tribune of the Plebs for the year A.U.C. MMDCCLXIV. The events of this year have shown all of us how necessary it is to have good tribunes to uphold the Constitution and the laws of our Republic and to protect the people. I ask that all plebeians vote for me! Thank you!

~ Gaius Tullius Valerianus Germanicus

Ti Galerius Paulinus

Salvete Romans,

I announce my candidacy for the office of Tribune of the Plebs for this years election. I have been a citizen since 21 January 2755. I am 53 years of age, I am of the Plebeian Ordo, Assidui and a citizen in good standing.

I respectfully ask that you cast your vote for me.


Ti. Galerius Paulinus

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