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==[[Cursus Honorum (Nova Roma)|''Cursus Honorum'']]==
==[[Cursus Honorum (Nova Roma)|''Cursus Honorum'']]==
* [[Quaestor (Nova Roma)|Quaestrix]]
==Other Posts==
==Other Posts==

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Aula Arria Carina
Album Civium

Aula Arria Carina lives in Oppidum Bucurestium. Married with T. Iulius Sabinus and together with their son, Crassus, they are an honorable roman family from Dacia.

Cursus Honorum

P. Memmio K. Buteone (II) cos. MMDCCLXIII a.u.c.

Other Posts

from Fr. Apulo C. Laenate cos. MMDCCLVIII a.u.c. to T. Iulius Sabinus.

Provincial Posts

L. Arminio Ti. Galerio cos. MMDCCLX a.u.c.
M. Curiatio M. Iulio cos. MMDCCLXII a.u.c.
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