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Probably nomen of greek origin. The Apolloni attested in the Smith' Dictionary were artists, medici, etc.

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We can not be sure if there was a Roman gens Apollonia during the old republic. A number of Apollonii, and one Apollonia, are attested in inscriptions dating from republican times, even going back to before the Hannibalic War, but it's insecure if they were Roman citizens. The name appears to derive from the Greek name Apollonios. Many of the inscriptions may record slaves rather than citizens. The only ancient republican Apollonius who we can be confident was probably a Roman citizen, or at least an important Italian aristocrat, is T. Apollonius C. f..

Among the modern Apollonii the praenomina Marcus, Tiberius, Servius, Aulus, and Sextus are commonly used. The praenomina Decimus, Gnaeus, Manius, Appius, and Vibius are never used by members of the gens.

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