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SERGIA GENS, patrician. The Sergii, like many other ancient Roman gentes, traced their descent from the Trojans. They regarded Sergestus as their ancestor (Virg. Aen. v. 121) : —

" Sergestusque, domus tenet a quo Sergia nomen."

The Sergii were distinguished in the early history of the republic, but obtained an unenviable noto­riety at a later age by Catiline belonging to them. The first member of the gens who obtained the consulship was L. Sergius Fidenas, in b. c. 437. The Sergii bore the cognomens of Catilina, Esquilinus, Fidenas, Orata, Paulus, Plancus, and Silus. Silus is the only cognomen which occurs on coins.

Source Smith


Praenomina commonly used by members of this gens in ancient times were Gaius, Gnaeus, Lucius, Manius, and Marcus.

In modern times the most common praenomina have been Lucius and Marcus. The praenomina Publius, Sextus, Decimus, Gnaeus, Spurius, Manius, Appius, and Vibius have not been used by the Sergii in the modern era.

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