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Goddess Concordia is the personification of concord, peace and goodwill. She had several temples at Rome.


Republican period

Concordia gained prominence during the time when the plebeian class was asserting itself politically. At about the same time, and under similar circumstances, the cult of Homonoia similarly appears in the cities of Magna Graecia. [1] Concordia remained symbolic of the unity of all classes of Romans.

Imperial period

Offerings were made to Concordia on the birthdays of emperors, and Concordia Augusta was worshipped as the promoter of harmony in the imperial household.


Concordia was represented on several coins as a matron holding in her right hand a patera or an olive branch, and in her left a cornu copiae or a sceptre. Her symbols were two hands joined together, and two serpents entwined about a herald's staff.[2]

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