Corona civica (Nova Roma)

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Corona Civica.jpg

The corona civica or "civic crown", "civic wreath", is a Roman wreath of oak leaves which is the highest possible award a Nova Roman citizen may receive, not counting the triumph which distinguishes an entire army, not just one individual. The corona civica is awarded by the senate, according to the mos maiorum, the tradition of the ancestors, for saving Nova Roma or for saving fellow citizens from the demise of their lives, or citizenship and Roman identity. Recipients of the corona civica are considered heroes of Nova Roma by the senate and people, and their action will be held as an example for all other citizens and future leaders about duty and virtue.

This award, according to tradition, may only be awarded if witnessed, testified and approved by the Nova Roman citizens who were saved by the awarded person.

Recipients of the corona civica, according to tradition, have a permanent grant to attend the meetings of the senate even if not being senators, as observing, non-voting members; they must be seated in the places reserved for senators in public games and festivals; they are entitled to wear the oak leaves crown at public gatherings, and when wearing this decoration, they must be applauded, and even the highest ranking magistrates shall greet them by standing up if they are sitting, as required by the Roman tradition pertaining to this award.

Recipients of the corona civica become exempt from all taxes and counted as assidui permanently, in keeping with the mos maiorum.

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