Dacia provincial report MMDCCLXIV

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Provincia Dacia Nova Roma report to the Senate.

T. Iulius Sabinus: Senatoribus Patribus Mátribusque Conscriptís, salutem plurimam dicit:

This is the third year of stagnation when it comes about events and projects organized in Dacia. After census, citizens' number decreased from 24 to 12. They are active in the provincial mailing list.

  • Membership.

Dacia has at this time 12 citizens and from them, 5 are assidui. Three applicants waith the citizenship approval. At the end of the year Dacia will have 15 citizens.

  • Events.

Citizens from Dacia were not able to organize or participate this year to events. That was happened again because the international economical crisis which in negative way affected the usual standard of life.

  • Projects.

At this time provincia Dacia has not any project.

  • Budget.
Anticipated revenue from the province:

Curently Dacia has 5 assidui citizens from the total of 12 citizens. In procents, that it means 24%. The assidui number of next year depends of taxation policy of the central government.

Description of the fundraising activities planed:

No fundraising activities are planned for the next year.

Anticipated expenses within the province:

This year, the entire amount of taxes were sent to treasury. The provincial web content was transferred to Nova Roma web site. Therefore, there were not expenses with web domain and hosting.

Description of provincial activities necessiting expenditure:

Nothing is planned at this moment.

  • Communications.
-Wiki NR Dacia is at this address: Provincia Dacia
-Provincia Dacia mailing list is at this address: Dacia NR
  • Provincial magistrates.

After census results, the change in the Dacia provincial magistrates system is a must. That will be done next year after governors appointment. For this year I will not distinguish any provincial magistrate.

  • Roman religion.

The Temple of Mercurius works well and it has 419 unique visitors, with 49 more than last year. The Temple can be found here.

As Nova Roma pontifex and sacerdos Mercurii I will continue active and in practical way with the Roman Religion development in my area following the Collegium Pontificum decisions.

  • Conclusions.

After census results, this year can be characterized as a year of decreasing in interest. The lack of projects and events has negative impact to the daily life of province.

  • depending of the next year beginning analysis and the possibility to move on based of a plan, I will continue as governor of Dacia.
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