December MMDCCLIX Collegium Pontificum voting results

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Salvete Omnes,

The Collegium Pontificum has concluded a vote and I officially announce the results as follows:

I. Flavius Vedius Germanicus has been approved for the position of Quindecimvir Sacris Faciundis, and therefore will undertake the work of rebuilding of the Sybylline Books.

II. Lucius Cassius Cornutus has been approved for the position of Sacerdos Ianus, and will be undertaking the work of rebuilding the worship of Ianus in Nova Roma.

III. The Collegium Pontificum has voted to remove the prior votes of the RESPONSVM DE QVATTVOR SVMMIS COLLEGIIS and RESPONSVM DE COLLEGIO PONTIFICVM. These two documents were placed in the Tabularium as voted items, and I therefore officially request that they be removed from the Nova Roma website.

IV. The Collegium Pontificum has set a rule that a simple majority of Pontifices must vote in order for an item to pass in any Collegium Pontificum vote.

I would ask my fellow Citizens to join me in welcoming Flavius Vedius Germanicus and Lucius Cassius Cornutus into their new positions, I am sure that they will serve both the Gods and Nova Roma well!


Marcus Cassius Iulianus
Pontifex Maximus
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