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Decimus Claudius Aquilinus
Album Civium

D. Claudius, an awarded eques equo publico of the equestrian order, currently serves the res publica as quaestor.

D. Claudius Aquilinus in the Album Civium


Decimus Claudius, a patrician citizen of Nova Roma since Cn. Salvio Cn. Equitio cos. MMDCCLVII a.u.c., received his first title as praeco Canalis Twitch Novae Romae in Q. Arrio (III) A. Tullia cos. MMDCCLXXIV a.u.c.. He has done various broadcasts on the Nova Roma Twitch Channel which include interviews with other Nova Romans, walkthroughs of ancient Roman ruins and museums, as well as other topical ones that are related to ancient Roman history. Some of those Twitch videos can even be found on Nova Roma's Youtube Channel.

In Sex. Lucilio (II) A. Tullia (II) cos. MMDCCLXXV a.u.c. he ran in his first Nova Roman election and became a quaestor. Shortly thereafter when the results of the census were announced, he was made an equites equo publico.

His strong interest in Roman archaeology has led to him visiting (as of Kal. Sext. , C. Cethego Q. Arrio (IV) cos. MMDCCLXXVI a.u.c. since the number steadily grows) 892 notable Roman ruins and museum collections in the world. He has learned a considerable amount about Roman history and life through these travels, taking hundreds of thousands of pictures and posting some of them primarily to Instagram on a daily basis where he has gained 67,500 followers since Cn. Lentulo Alexandro T. Domitio cos. MMDCCLXIX a.u.c. under his Nova Roman name, at this address:

He has posted those pictures more recently to Facebook and Twitter for additional outreach as he would like as many people as possible to develop an appreciation for ancient Roman history or art, sometimes leading to greater awareness of items viewers otherwise did not know about and also inspire many to go on trips where the photographs were taken.

D. Claudius was involved with Nova Roma's Issue 2 of the sestertius coin and more recently for other reasons was granted a Major Consular Award for achievements in Nova Roma, and the Censorial Award which is the highest possible magistrate-given recognition. Originally from Provincia America Noveboracensis et Mediatlantica, he now resides in Provincia Germania where he also collects ancient Roman coins and has his own library about Roman history.

Cursus honorum

C. Cethego Q. Arrio (IV) cos. MMDCCLXXVI a.u.c.

Other posts

Q. Arrio (III) A. Tullia cos. MMDCCLXXIV a.u.c.
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