Decretum Pontificum about the Nova Roma calendar (Nova Roma)

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The Collegium Pontificum, convened by Pontifices Gaius Modius Athanasius and L. Sicinius Drusus has enacted the following Decretum effective immediately:

The Decretum passed on Ante Deium VIII Kalendas Aprilis 2754 (25 March 2001) is hereby amended.

The Official Calendar of Nova Roma will be the Gregorian Calendar with the following modifications: I) Years will be reckoned from the founding of Rome rather than the common era. II) The addition of intercalary days will be determined by the Gregorian formula using the common era as a reference, but will be inserted between Ante Deium VI Kalenas Martis (24 February) and Ante Deium V Kalendas Martis (25 February).

The month names of the Julian calendar as revised by Augustus and the Gregorian calendar will be the official names in Nova Roma.

To fulfill the Vow of adding an additional Dies Nefastus Pridie Kalendas Ianuarii (31 December) is hereby designated a Dies Nefastus on the Calendar of Nova Roma as a piacular offering to the Gods of Roma. Each year this day will be reserved for the making of piacular offerings for any offenses to the Gods that may have occurred during the year.

Due to the failure of Nova Roma's Collegium Pontificum to act in a timely manner this day was not observed in 2754, 2755, and 2756. (2001, 2002, 2003). To correct this three additional days are hereby declared Nefastus for this year only. Ante Deium V Kalendas Ianuarii, Ante Deium IV Kalendas Ianuarii, and Ante Deium III Kalendas Ianuarii (28 December, 29 December, 30 December) will be Dies Nefastus for the year 2757 (2004). As a Piacular Offering for failing to celebrate these days at the proper time one additional day is hereby designated Nefastus in 2757. That day shall be Ante Deium VI Kalendas Ianuarii (27 December).

The Following format will be used for all official dates in Nova Roma: I) The Date will be stated in Roman reckoning using the Ante Deium system followed by the year in AUC Format. II) This will be followed by a restating of the date in modern format inside of parentheses. As an example: Ante Diem VIII Kalendas Augusti, 2757 (25 July 2004)


a.d. pridie Nonas August MMDCCLVII (4 Aug 2004)

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