Decretum collegii pontificum et augurum de iure auspicandi et tripudio (Nova Roma)

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De Iure Auspicandi

Curule magistrates who are practitioners of the Religio Romana shall have the ius auspicandi.

A curule magistrate who is a practitioner of the Religio Romana, but not an augur, pontifex, flamen, sacerdos, or pullarius, shall submit a written report of any auspication he has taken and his interpretation thereof to the Collegium Augurum for verification that vitium has not occurred in the auspication.

In the event of vitium, the Collegium Augurum, providing such advice as shall be necessary to correct the defect, shall require the curule magistrate to repeat the auspication correctly.

Curule magistrates who are not practitioners of the Religio Romana shall not have the ius auspicandi.

A curule magistrate who is not a practitioner of the Religio Romana shall consult an augur or pullarius who shall take the auspication and provide an interpretation thereof to the curule magistrate.

In the event that the curule magistrate shall dispute interpretation of the auspication, the curule magistrate may appeal to the Collegium Augurum for ultimate interpretation of the auspication.

De Modo Tripudii

Whenever possible, tripudium shall be the preferred means of auspication for meetings of the comitia or the senate.

The principal bird for use in tripudium shall be the chicken.

The Collegium Augurum may determine that other birds of good omen may be used for tripudium.

The Collegium Augurum establishes the rules by which a correct tripudium is performed.

De Sodalitate Pullariorum

The person charged with responsibility for maintaining and feeding the sacred birds for tripudium shall be a pullarius.

It shall be the responsibility of the Collegium Augurum to appoint and train pullarii.

Pullarii appointed by the Collegium Augurum shall constitute the Sodalitas Pulliariorum and its members shall have the rank and century points of a sacerdos.

De Impietate et Auspicando

It shall constitute an offence of impietas prudens dolo malo for a curule magistrate to knowingly convene a meeting of the Comitia Centuriata, Comitia Populi Tributa, or the Senate without performance of a valid auspication.

A person who has been convicted of this offence of impietas prudens dolo malo shall suffer the penalty of exactio for life.

Trial for the offence of impetas dolo malo shall be conducted in accordance with the Lex Salicia Iudiciaria, or those Leges which replace Lex Salicia Iudiciaria. No prosecution shall be accepted for offences under this decretum which occurred prior to this decretum's promulgation.

De Auspicando et Comitiis Plebis Tributis

In accordance with the mos maiorum auspices shall not be taken to convene the Comitia Plebis Tributa.


a.d. IV Non. Dec. K. Fabio T. Labieno cos. MMDCCLVI a.u.c.

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