Decretum pontificum de renuntiationibus annualibus sacerdotum (Nova Roma)

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{{Decretum|active|sort=Renuntiationibus Annualibus Sacerdotum}}  
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This decretum is currently active.


In order to assess the joint progress of religio Romana for the Res Publica Populi Novae Romae, All Sacerdotes are hereby instructed to provide an Annual Report (renuntiatio) to their respective Collegium by the Kalends of October of each year.

  1. All Citizens who hold a sacerdotal office (i. e. Rex and Regina Sacrorum, Pontifex, Augur, Flamen Maiores and Minores, Vestal, Decemvir, Epulo, Salius, Lupercus, Frater Arvalis, Sacerdos, etc.) shall be required to submit an Annual Report of their activities by the Kalends of October, feriae Fidei, each year to the Collegium underwhich they hold office. Augurs shall report to the Magister Collegii Augurum. Epulones will report to the Collegium Epulonorum. The Decemviri shall report to the Collegium Decemvirorum. All other Sacerdotes shall submit their Annual Reports to the Collegium Pontificum. A combined Annual Report shall be prepared by the Collegium Pontificum from the Reports of all sacerdotal Collegia and Sodalitates. The Pontifex Maximus shall then submit the combined Annual Report to the Consuls for presentation to the full Senate.
  2. The Annual Report shall be a brief statement of the activities of a Sacerdos over the previous year. They should report on what sacra pro populo they performed on behalf of Nova Roma, when they performed the rites, and at which location. They are to include a financial statement on any donations they may have received or donated themselves, and on all expenses they incurred while performing sacra pro populo.
  3. Sacerdotes may report on other activities, such as local communities they organize, continuing educational programs or lectures they attend, classes or tours they offer to their community. They should also include a brief statement on what they plan on accomplishing in the coming year.

a Collegio Pontificum decretum a.d. V Non. Mar. M. Curiatio M. Iulio cos. MMDCCLXII a.u.c.

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