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CIV-Lucius Cornelius Sulla Felix.jpg Lucius Cornelius Sulla Felix

Candidate for Consul.
Album Civium

Avete Omnes,

It is with utmost sincerity and respect that today I declare my intention to run for Consul of Nova Roma.

Many of you know me from the jokes on the Back Alley, to my argumentative self in the ML and Senate...to one who has actually tried to help create a Roman community in Arizona. My goals have always been to bring a degree of professionalism and credibility to the organization in every facet. To that end, I was recently appointed CFO of Nova Roma with charge of gaining control of NR's fiances - a progress that is still ongoing.

In case anyone, or our newer citizens not familiar with me or my history and background in Nova Roma I will just briefly state that I have been in Nova Roma from the first day of existence. I had to surface mail my application way back in 1998. I have held the positions of Quaestor, Praetor, Consul (twice), Censor. I have been a Lictor for over 10 years. I have been a Senator for years as well. I have served as Governor of California, served various other roles as scribes/assistants to various magistrates during my tenure in NR and most recently it has been an honor to serve as Chief Financial Officer of the Corporation.

In the coming year, as I have stated recently, I believe that Nova Roma is at a crossroads, a clear fork the road and has a few directions that he can end up following. Nova Roma can go in a direction where it can fulfill its potential, based on the vision established by its Founders Marcus Cassius and Flavius Vedius. It can be something real, something tangible, something that can be a light and an adornment to society. Something we and the world can strive to achieve both in a personal level and in an organizational level. This can be achieved! I believe it.....But the only way it can be achieved, ladies and gentlemen is if we not just wish it so, but if we apply our efforts to make it so. And, I believe that I am one of the few people in Nova Roma who have the drive.....the force of nature....to help make that happen.

The reason I have made this drastic decision for two fundamental reasons. First, the completion of the process of the control of finances is absolutely paramount. This will be facilitated to completion if I combined both positions CFO and President of the Corporation. This, along with the hope that whoever is appointed Censor, if they reside close to Arizona, will be able to have this concluded in less than a month. The other issues would be utilizing the treasury to pay for Nova Roma's bills. At this present time, every bill that I receive, for example a bill from our Registered Agent, must be approved by the Senate. The CFO has no discretionary authority to cut a check without the approval of the Senate - and so far I have not paid any bill that has not been approved by the Senate (votingplace.net being a key example). This is inefficient, stressful, and unlike any corporation that I have been involved with. Bills need to get paid, and while I have submitted a disbursement procedure - it has not yet been presented to the Senate. And, I would continue to professionalize both the CFO position and the organization.

The second primary reason is a strong belief that Nova Roma is in desperate need for reform. I had the distinct honor of helping my friend Cn. Iulius Caesar in his paper. He and I have seen eye to eye on the need for reformation in Nova Roma. As friends we have been involved in many debates and issues. We don't always agree and sometimes he has to work hard to convince me of his position, and sometimes I have to do the same. The Consulship benefits best from when two people with a proven track reord of friendship, mutual respect and ability join forces. However, just because Caesar is my friend would not stop me from putting the brakes on him if I thought he was wrong. I know he would do the same with me. We both have the maturity to know duty comes first and even if we differ, our friendship is stronger than a temporary disagreement.

Together, I believe that Caesar and I would stand the best chance in pursuing and executing the necessary reforms and putting NR on a more solid base and more steady course. A course that would provide real incentives for individuals who have a desire to serve, while establishing a strong base where some aspects, like the finances, need to be centralized and other facets of the organization could benefit from decentralization. Examples include having governors involved in the citizenship application process, with the Censors. Creating an incentive for involvement in local groups, establishment and controls of provincial treasuries.

As you can see, my primary focus in regards to the consulship will focus on the corporate side. I believe this is absolutely essential. Once the Corporate side is organized, secure and that foundation is firmly established then NR can take the necessary steps in rebuilding its credibility in all areas (Reenactment organizations, academic organizations and in the internet community). The primary point is to establish the foundation from which Nova Roma can be re-launched as a solid and healthy organization. Working with Mr. Ainsworth, Nova Roma's registered agent I intend to work towards simplifying our laws, compliant with Maine, and a greater degree of transparency. Toward that end, I am always available via the following methods of contact:

(NOTE: methods of contact not published on this page because security reasons but available on the Nova Roma mailing list candidacy announcement)

Finally, I would like to thank everyone who has taken an interest to volunteer their time to help make Nova Roma a better place. You have my respect and appreciation.

If anyone has ideas, suggestions, criticisms - My door would always be open.


Lucius Cornelius Sulla Felix
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