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CIV-Tiberius Cornelius Scipio.jpg Tiberius Cornelius Scipio

Candidate for Censor.
Album Civium

I, Tiberius Cornelius Scipio, humbly present my candidacy for the position of Censor.

My fellow citizen aspiring to the same post, undoubtedly have more experience than I do; however, I bring a fresh perspective into the office, and if elected, I will set an example of cooperation, compromise and moderation.

My personal qualifications are as follow: I hold a Master Degree on Management of Information Systems, a B.A. in Business and in Political Science. For the last 15 years I have been a manager of projects and I have worked in the Americas (North, Central and South), Africa and Europe. Again, I may not be too experienced as my fellow citizen on the ballot, but I have a solid track-record of meeting deadlines, accomplishing tasks and team-building in organizations to achieve success.

Aside from my lacking Censorial experience, or my solid personal qualifications, I stand before you guaranteed by neither, but I stand moved by my passion for Roman history and traditions, and is my intention, if elected, to commit on contributing to the growth and expansion of our res publica.

I ask you for your support in this election, I will not let you down.


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