Election MMDCCLXI (Nova Roma)/Marcus Octavius Corvus

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CIV-Marcus Octavius Corvus.jpg Marcus Octavius Corvus

Candidate for diribitor.
Album Civium

MARCUS OCTAVIUS CORVUS OMNIBUS CIVIBUS ROMANIS S.P.D. I stand before you in the Forum Romanum in my toga candida to announce that I wish to stand for the office of Diribitor!

I have been the citizen from MMDCCLIX (2006), and now I serve like Legatus ProPraetore of provincia Sarmatia. Under my legature 11 citizens were recruited, provincial web-site was created. Many plans are going to be fulfilled in the next year and I want to bring the real spirit of Romanitas into my macronational homeland.

I want to serve to Nova Roma in any way I can, so I decided to start my cursus honorum and applied for the ofice of Diribitor. I believe - magistacies of Nova Roma are the essential part of our Rebublic and counting of votes is higly important task. I hope People of the New Rome will give me his trust and let me serve him.

Di vos incolumes custodiant! MARCUS OCTAVIUS CORVUS

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