Election MMDCCLXVI (Nova Roma)/Gaius Decius Laterensis

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Gaius Decius Laterensis

Album Civium


C. Decius Laterensis omnibus S.P.D.

For those who don't know me, my name is Gaius Decius Laterensis. I am a candidate for Quaestor for 2767 AUC. I have been a citizen of Nova Roma since July of 2764. From January until the end of October this year, I served Nova Roma as a Diribitor, helping to ensure that everyone's vote was counted and elections proceeded smoothly. I am also currently serving as the Provincial Governor of the US state of Ohio, as well as serving the public Cultus Deorum as Sacerdos Martialis. I ask for the support and votes of my fellow Nova Romans in the upcoming elections so that I can continue my service to the Senate and People of Nova Roma.

Di vos incolumes custodiant!

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