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Lucius Cornelius Sulla Felix

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Avete Omnes,

My name is Lucius Cornelius Sulla Felix, I am the Current Consul of Nova Roma - whose term is ending in about 6 weeks. I am also currently CFO as well.

I come before you to seek your vote for Censor of Nova Roma. I have the following background that I believe will serve as an asset to the position:

I have been Censor previously, I was the first person in Nova Roma to complete the full term as Censor, I was held the position twice, the second time as Suffect. Over the course of this year a number of laws have been drafted by my staff and I. They were successfully promulgated and it would be a good starting point to have someone intimately familiar with the legislation to ensure proper implementation. Finally, when I held the Censorship previously I drafted the Censor handbook which has been an asset to other Censores. I would like to improve and update the original handbook that will assist future Censores taking into account the Corporation requirements and the legislative changes that have an impact on the position.

My other experience in Nova Roma that will enhance my resume include:

Consul for 3 times in Nova Roma's history.Been a Senator of long standing (Nearly 10 years in total)Held the positions of Praetor Urbanus, Quaestor, and am currently a member of the Comitia Curiata

One of my primary strengths is that I am usually very prompt in my response time to emails. I do believe in assisting prospective and new citizens and to give them the tools, including appropriate links to find answers to their questions. I am a strong believer in an elected magistrate doing the preponderance of the work, since the magistrate is the one actually elected to the office. As a matter of fact, my staff this year as Consul - has been the largest staff I have ever utilized and it was an amazing experience - one that has shown me that there are clear benefits to having a sizable staff given the interactions we had and the results generated.

Finally, I seek your vote for two fundamental reasons. First, I care about Nova Roma's success and growth. I devoted this entire year to ensure and shore up the foundation of Nova Roma. Much like when I ran for Consul, the linkage of the CFO and Consul worked hand in hand while Nova Roma was being audited as it gave me an advantage in dealing with the IRS, legislating some of the recommendations they suggested and ensuring the Corporation met all compliance related issues. Second, as Censor and CFO I will be in the best position to ensure that prospective and pending members are fully aware of the tax, answer questions covering those subjects and enhancing Nova Roma's administrative ability to maximize our potential as the Consuls work to meet their province of activity given one of those activities is to contact non-assidui citizens.

Thank you for your time in reading this message, thank you for your participation and thank you for your vote.

Most Respectfully,

Lucius Cornelius Sulla Felix
Consul of Nova Roma

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