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Aedilis Curulis
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Lucius Vitellius Triarius

Album Civium


L. Vitellius Triarius omnibus S.P.D.!

Fellow citizens. I am Lucius of the Vitellii, called Triarius, and I stand again before you in the toga candida to address you and present my candidacy for the office of Aedilis curulis (aka Curule Aedile) for the upcoming year, MMDCCLXVII A•V•C (2014 CE/2767 a.u.c.).

I joined Nova Roma on January 25, 2005, and became an Assiduus member of Gens Vitellia. I am currently an Assiduus and of the Plebeian order. I have served in several different positions and have made many personal contributions to the advancement of Nova Roma:

• I have served many years as a Legate Legati pro praetoris as the Preafectus Regio of the Tennessee Regio of my former home, Provincia America Austrorientalis (Southeast USA).
• I served as an appointed member of the central planning team of the Go Roman Project, where I worked many long hours helping design and develop the foundation guidelines, policies and marketing/promotional materials for the international outreach program.
• I served as provincial webmaster until the transformation of the old Nova Roma website to the new wiki, and now currently assist with updates and site management of the wiki.
• I have assisted in promoting dialogues with other Roman organizations, which will hopefully lead to the recruitment of many new cives to our Respublica in the years to come.
• I have formed and moderated several Nova Roma newsgroups.
• I am the creator and Dominus praefectus of the Roman online community, Mons Aventinus Wiki (monsaventinus.wikia.com), a non-government free-edit site for Nova Roman citizens.
• I served as Quaestor to Adilis Curulis, P. Memmius Albucius, during the 10th Year Celebration of Nova Roma.
• I am the current Dominus factionis for Factio Veneta, the Blues, one of Nova Roma’s virtual chariot teams, for the second time.
• I was recently appointed to the honorable position of Senator of Nova Roma.
• I was recently appointed by the Senate as the Governor of one of the newly-created provinces.

While none of this is particularly or nearly as important as the fact that I have seen a lot of change over the past eight years. Nova Roma, like every other organization, experiences periods of upswing and downswing as they progress along. I have seen both. We are currently on the upswing again. Success at anything is not a gently-inclining straight line on a graph; it is an upward-trending sine wave of highs and lows and highs and lows. If you blow out the top or fall out the bottom of any of the curves, you fail. You have to ride the ups and downs of the curve as it progresses upward without falling or being slung off.

There have been many recent positive changes in NR with more to come. Many people are not comfortable with change, but change is inevitable, always, either by choice or attrition. I come seeking your vote based on the idea of continued prosperity and success of the Respublica though positive change. I have served in the President’s seat of several macronational non-profit organizations, and I am not afraid to make the necessary changes in the Curule Aediles’ Office with my companion, if and when elected.

There are several items that I will place with priority on the agenda of "City Hall." I will work with the Plebeian Aedile(s) and other magistrates to see that these measures succeed:

1. We will see a reopening of the Macellum to generate much needed funds for the Respublica with market stalls for cives, non-cives, and some state-owned venues.

2. There will be an expansion of the Macellum to include modern products and services for our citizens in addition to traditional Roman wares. Most people today use more computer accessories, electronic goods, and other modern conveniences than they do terra cotta olive oil lamps and wax tablets. If you were able to go back to Trajan’s Market and shop, you would find goods of the day, not just ancient Sumerian, Greek and Egyptian artifacts. Those, if any, would be found in individual vendor stalls. We will not exclude any goods or services a citizen has to offer, unless there is a reasonably justifiable cause to exclude.

3. We will work with the Office of the CFO to increase revenues to lower taxes and improve assidui citizenship numbers.

4. We will work with the Office of the Aediles plebis on improving how the various festivals and Ludi will be presented to improve interest and participation rates.

5. We will work with the Office of the CFO to provide citizens with tangible rewards for active participation within the Respublica, both online and offline activities, events and projects.

6. We will work toward the promotion and development of the Legion Fund to support our active sponsored reenactment groups and living history societies and promote our organization to the world.

7. We will reestablish the Aedilician Fund, with revenue-producing resources, to improve the internal infrastructure of the Respublica, as well as provide new services to our citizens.

8. We will begin the planning and development stages leading to our own media network to include generating revenues from advertising on the network.

9. We will provide new guidance media for new members to instruct them on what to do in Nova Roma once they become a citizen.

10. We will begin the planning and development stages for an online youth sodalitas to address the needs of the youth in our families, based on the Roman Virtues.

11. We will begin the planning and development stages for minting coinage annually, through the development and implementation of a self-sustaining program to make this a possibility.

12. We will work to reestablish a state-sponsored academic institution, which will consist primarily of self-paced courses with both written and video resources prepared and approved by an academic staff, proficient in their field(s) of study, to educate citizens and non-citizens alike on Roman Society, ancient and modern.

13. We will NOT get all of these up and running in one year, but we will surely do our best to get them started and as far along as we can.

I believe in openness, speaking the truth, bringing problems out in the open, and not skirting the issues. I pledge to act in fairness in all of my duties and to respond to citizen requests promptly and efficiently. My opinions and beliefs are rooted in the concepts of personal integrity, political freedom, and religious tolerance.

In 2009, I was forced to take a medical hiatus for severe autoimmune diabetes from Nova Roma and many other things, but my health is recovering and I have recently returned to serve the Res publica again.

As one of your Curule aediles, I will work diligently with other citizens to help improve our Res publica as we all progress along this journey ahead. No plodding around is acceptable-we must drive forward! Fredrick the Great said, “L'audace, l'audace, toujours l'audace!” I say we adopt the motto, “Audacia, audacia, audaica semper!”

I ask that you support and cast your votes for me, Lucius Vitellius Triarius, as Curule Aedile for the year 2767 a.u.c. (2014).

I ask Pater Mars and Iuppiter Optimus Maximus, patron deities of my Gens, to look favorably upon me in my journey and quest, and ask for their guidance and assistance in helping you, my friends, in making your choice in electing me as one of your new Aediles.

P.S. Please find attached an election bumper sticker for your chariot!

Respectfully Submitted and in Your Service,

Optime valete,


Aedilis curulis candidatus

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