Feriale Duranum

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A calendar found at Dura Europos which records the religious observances of the Cohors XX Palmyrenorum. Unfortunately the celebrations for October, November and December are unreadable.

"The character of this text as a feriale, that is, a list of festivals, is self-evident; and…the use of the Latin language and capital script proves its official nature, its presence in the archives of the cohors XX Palmyrenorum shows that it was intended for the army, the absence of any festivals of a strictly local nature is evidence that it was the standard feriale for all the armies of the empire, and the exclusion of all non-Roman gods and festivals is proof that this was the traditional calendar of observances which in its main outlines was as old as the time of Augustus."[1]


  1. Welles, C.B., Fink, R.O., and Gilliam, J.F. The Excavations at Dura Europos, Final Report V, Part I: The Parchments and Papyri. New Haven, Yale University Press (1959), p. 4, Cited in "Feriale Duranum: En romersk festkalender fra Dura Europos|, af Jan Brix [1] (PDF)

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