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Gaius Marius Maior


Salvete Quirites !

I, Gaius Marius Maior, stay in front of you to announce my candidacy for quaestura. I'm Nova Roma citizen starting with 25 Junius 2758 a.U.c and I'm assidui. My activity was with preponderance inside the province, where I participated to the local events, coordinating the new citizens' activities. In the same time, as Dacia Procurator, I was responsible with the tax collection in province. In my life I'm former officer and in present I'm working in the press domain. I want to dedicate my abilities for the Republic interests. For that, with respect, I ask you to take in consideration my candidacy and to vote me.

Optime Valete,

Marius Maior

Procurator Dacia

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