Gnaeus Equitius Marinus (Election MMDCCLIX)

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Gnaeus Equitius Marinus


Salvete quirites,

I had intended to take a year off from public service, but we seem to have a shortage of candidates. Thus I have convinced my dear wife to reluctantly agree to me offering my services to the Republic next year as a Quaestor.

My qualifications: I've been a Curule Aedile and a Consul. In those offices I've had quaestors assigned to me. I've also worked with praetorian quaestors on praetorian staffs. I know what quaestors have to do. I'm a physicist with more formal mathematics training than most mathematicians. I can certainly handle the math required to keep accounts.

I'm currently a Censor and a Senator. I'm also a Lictor of the Comitia Curiata, and an officer of several sodalities. I've been in Nova Roma for over five years. I actually wouldn't run for the quaestorship if there were people who weren't as overqualified for the job as I am standing. But there aren't. So here I am. I hope my example will inspire some of my fellow senators to step forward and take up the responsibilities of the minor magestracies for which we as of yet lack candidates.


Gn. Equitius Marinus

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