Iulia Caesar Cytheris Aege (Election MMDCCLIX)

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Curule Aedile
CIV-Iulia Caesar Cytheris Aege.jpg

Iulia Caesar Cytheris Aege


Salvete quirites!

I have been a member of this organization for more than 3 years and all this time I have been seeing and learning many things; as days pass by, I realize more and more that what I believed some years ago to be just an utopia is actually a concrete unfolding of forces. My interests are related not only to the religious aspects and to a historical study of roman rites, but I had the chance to put in practice the knowledge that I gained and even had wonderful interaction moments within academic environments where I had the chance to feel proud of my roman heritage, and where I also I felt honored due to the fact that our organization sustains so many cultural projects such as Magna Mater.

There are many members of Nova Roma that I did not have the chance to meet in person, but I can say, truly-hearted, that I consider them to be my friends and mentors. By aiming at the position of Aedile I only seek to dedicate more time and attention to the organization of the ludi. Regardless of the more practical issues in life, I am willing to continue my journey on this path that I've taken, to delve upon the beauty of art and the intensity of religion. There comes a time when these things should be shared, especially that now people of my kindred are here and citizens situated many miles away showed me their support and understanding all this time.

Working as a scriba in the Cohors Sabina offered me the opportunity to interact with people who put their passion for Rome on the first place and the result was a wonderful job as you could all see. Having all this in view, I would like in this way to add a small contribution to these projects and honor the Gods of Rome.

Valete bene,

Iulia Caesaris Cytheris Aege

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